University debating for me was as much about objective analysis, coherent argument construction and logical detection of fallacies as about forging deep friendships fostered through intense arguments over a motley of issues. I mostly participated in a format known as the 3-on-3 Asian Parliamentary Debate. You can catch a glimpse of the format below from the 7th NUJS Parliamentary Debate Finals where The House regrets the Decline of Communism.

What better way to know someone than checking out their Youtube playlist? Below are some of the tracks that I usually find myself going back to. The genres are all over the place, so don't judge me. I also enjoy exploring new and unconventional genres of music. So if you find yourself going through this playlist (highly unlikely) and don't see your favourite track in there, hit me up in the Contact page and let me know what awesome music I am missing out on.

I love food and am always ready to try out any new cuisine. If you are in Kolkata looking to explore local delicacies, do check out my Zomato page for recommendations and reviews on places in different parts of the city. I have also been cooking a lot lately and some of my favourite recipes have found their way to the playlist below (it's still a work in progress).

A large part of my undergrads were spent as a part of Monday Morning - NIT Rourkela's student body - that I subsequently went on to lead during my junior & senior years. I also conceptualised and started NIT Rourkela's Student Counselling Program that has now grown into a successful platform to help students seek and provide mentorship to their peers and juniors. Some of my experiences with Monday Morning are further outlined below.

* The banner image is that of Hiroshimayaki, a specialty Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima and one of my many fond memories from Japan. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style savoury pancake. Make yours here.