Hi. I am Anurag.

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer transitioning into Quantum Engineering roles. Presently at Atomionics in Singapore, I work on very broad tech stacks ranging from high-level software tools to FPGA cores and mixed-signal PCB designs. I have domain knowledge in cold-atoms and superconducting based systems, both in hardware devices and electronics control & software. I also co-founded Hamlit and Wikilimo, with the primary goal of making technology innovations more accessible.

I grew up in the small suburban town of Krishnanagar, some 100 kms from the eastern metropolis of Kolkata (India) before moving to National Institute of Technology, Rourkela where I completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I spent most of my penultimate college semester in the Japanese port city of Nagoya on a Govt. of Japan fellowship and after graduating, spent a little less than a year at the Bharat Petroleum Kochi Refinery. In 2018, I moved to Singapore to work on cold-atom optical lattices at CQT-NUS. More details here.

I did a fair bit of competitive debating of the Asian Style Parliamentary kind during my undergrads. Thereafter, I was deeply involved with our institute student media body Monday Morning which is directed towards campus activism and journalism. These days, I mostly enjoy baking & cooking, and building electronics & open-source projects. Read more about my hobbies and pastime under the Activities tab.