Hi. I am Anurag.

I research at the junction of Electrical Engineering and Physics, specialising in Quantum Technologies. I am currently working on Quantum Optimal Control, developing tools for automated bring-up of quantum devices . In the recent past, I lead Business & Product Development at Wikilimo, which we started to further Climate Resilience in vulnerable communities through data driven solutions. I work on very broad tech stacks ranging from Quantum Computing to Deep Learning systems and hi-speed FPGA electronics. I have domain knowledge in cold-atoms and superconducting based quantum devices, both in hardware systems and control software. I enjoy baking & cooking, and building hobby electronics & open-source projects.

My latest resume is available online here. You can reach me via email at contact [AT] anuragsaharoy [DOT] me or on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram through the links below. I mostly tweet about food, tech, science and startups.

Past Positions: