Hi. I am Anurag.

I research at the junction of Electrical Engineering and Physics, specialising in Quantum Technologies. I am currently working on Quantum Optimal Control, developing tools for automated device bring-up of Superconducting Qubits in the OpenSuperQ project at Saarland University & FZ Julich. I also lead Business & Product Development at Wikilimo, which we started to further Climate Resilience in vulnerable communities through data driven solutions. I work on very broad tech stacks ranging from Quantum Computing to Deep Learning systems and hi-speed FPGA electronics. I have domain knowledge in cold-atoms and superconducting based quantum devices, both in hardware systems and control software.

I grew up in the small suburban town of Krishnanagar, some 100 kms from the eastern metropolis of Kolkata (India) before moving to National Institute of Technology, Rourkela where I completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I spent most of my penultimate college semester in the Japanese port city of Nagoya on a Govt. of Japan fellowship and after graduating, spent a little less than a year in Kerala. In 2018, I moved to Singapore and spent two years in the vibrant Singapore Quantum Tech ecosystem.

I did a fair bit of competitive debating during my undergrads and was subsequently deeply involved with our institute student media body Monday Morning which is directed towards campus activism and journalism. When in Singapore, I was a mentor with the Junior Achievement team, teaching Economics and Entrepreneurship to middle and high school kids. These days, I mostly enjoy baking & cooking, and building hobby electronics & open-source projects.

My latest resume is available online here. You can reach me via email at contact [AT] anuragsaharoy [DOT] me or on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram through the links below. I mostly tweet about food, tech, science and startups.

Past Positions: